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Matching Faces With Paintings: Google’s New App

Google’s Arts and Culture app is matching faces with paintings, finding your artsy doppelganger. Since artificial intelligence finds its place everywhere, this became the reason why Google Arts and Culture is viral now. Users can compare their faces with those they find in different paintings. This was a real challenge for AI, showing what it is capable of while trying to find your best doppelganger.

The facial recognition program seems flawless, being able to find your match even if you try to fool it. In case you think you can give this AI  a hard time in finding your match, you can feel free to wear a mask or paint your face, but it will still find a painting that resembles you. Facial recognition represents a biometric identification system which can analyze the physical features of a face to distinguish one face from another.

Matching faces with paintings was never more fun

This system is able to spot a face in an image, it develops a ‘faceprint’ compiling the unique characteristics and then compares it with existing information in a database. The machine has to do a lot of learning in order to develop this process. After it identifies a similar face in a picture, it still has to resize or reorient it to obtain a better reading.

Then, it designs a ‘faceprint’. This could include the distances between facial features, the size and shape of your nose and other distinctive characteristics. The program compares the faceprint to its database of images, about 70,000 works of art.

Summing up

This incredible feature from Google does not only has a great face recognition program, but it also finds your perfect sibling. Matching faces with works of art can become your new hobby. This AI-powered program makes it all possible, being able to also identify pets.

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