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Intel plans new chipsets launch for various tablet segments in 2014

Not so late, Intel has decided to take the tablets market seriously and its getting ready to bring affordable, powerful and power eficient range of tablet chipsets for various branded tablets.



Intel will be launching Bay Trail architecture-based Z3735D chipsets to use in the cost effective 7-inch tablets from $99 to $129 price range as well as 8-inch tablets ranging from$149 to $199. The first Bay Trail based tablet will enter into the market in Q1 2014, according to the Taiwan’s tablet supply chain.

Intel’s more powerful Bay Trail and Cherry Trail chipsets will be included in the tablets ranging from $199 to $249 price tag. These chipsets could also be used in the high-end tablets, even on 10-inch devices priced at $249 and above.

Intel’s Merrifield and Moorefield architecture will be in upcoming phones, which will be launched in Q3 2014 and it could also be used in Android tablets.

Intel has the capability to change the game in tablets market, when it launches new 14nm Airmont architecture based Cherry Trail chipset, most probably in September 2014. These chipset architectures on mobile phone and tablets is said to increase the CPU power, 5 times and the graphics processing, 15 times more.

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