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The New XPS 13 from Dell Is Stain-Resistant

This year, Dell is bound to update the design of the new XPS 13. The laptop has preserved its port selection, style and look for three years. Now, Dell decided that it is time for a refresh, offering it an ever-so-slightly streamlined build. The laptop has a new color option, namely white-and-gold and it also features updated ports.

Now, the new XPS 13 appears to be stain-resistant. Even if you might expect its white surface to get dirty faster, developers argue that this won’t happen. However, the changes are not huge. Some people might even try to figure out which is the difference between the updated version and the previous model. The main idea is for the XPS 13 to adopt the design used by Dell on its XPS 13 2-in-1 revealed last year.


Dell’s new XPS 13 has a slim design

The XPS 13 2-in-1 is a convertible laptop that features a touchscreen. The benefits of the new laptop developed by Dell include a lighter and slimmer design. It is 0.46 inches thick. The other model was 0.6 inches thick. The updates XPS 13 shaves off 0.2 pounds. The webcam of the laptop was moved from the lower left side of the bezel to the middle of the lower bezel. Now, the updated version of the XPS 13 includes three USB-C ports.

The main downside here is that the new XPS 13 loses its USB 3.0 ports. Hence, you will need to purchase some adapters. Furthermore, the SD card reader of the old model is now replaced by a MicroSD card reader, being less useful. However, Dell knows that the white palm rest can get very dirty, so they made sure to use another material, being easy to clean.

Summing up

The new XPS 13 is an updated version of the old model, claiming to be stain-resistant. Therefore, you won’t get mustard, permanent marker or other staining materials on it. You will be able to easily wipe it off.

Image Source: PCMag

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