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New Update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Coming Soon

The first update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is about to appear. Even if the game was just launched, Monolith Soft is working to improve it. The Japanese studio is currently focusing on improving the maps. Now, in case you want to reach a certain place on the map, you will have to press X and search through the entire menu. Only this could help you find the place instead of just fast traveling to it.

Hence, the team of developers will alter this, and when you press X, you will have the chance to look at the current map you are on instead of looking at the entire world. Furthermore, there will also be other improvements regarding the overall map overlay. When you press the left stick, the environment will become more visible, providing a 1:1 zoom in mini-map.

The game Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is getting an upgrade

The Japanese studio will also introduce an East Mode for their mini-game Tiger! Tiger!, helping player upgrade Poppi. The tedious mini-game is required in case you want to upgrade Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Hence, if developers make it easier to get through it, it will be easier for players to upgrade this Blade.

The team also discussed the fact that they will fix some bugs that might lock you away from finishing various quests. Furthermore, Nintendo offered more details about the offerings for players who got the pricey Expansion Pass. Starting with December 22, this patch will be available for all users. Nintendo has also added that the new game+ will be available at the beginning of the next year, including unique Blades like Dromarch and Pyra.

Summing up

The new update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will not only fix the problems regarding the maps. The team of developers promised to fix the bugs as well, offering players an extraordinary gaming experience.

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