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Do You Want to Follow Hashtags on Instagram? Now You Can

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Users can now select to follow hashtags and make their Instagram news feed even more personal.

When it comes to scrolling through our social media feeds, who wouldn’t want to be met with more relevant posts? Instagram recently introduced a new feature that allows you to do just that. By following hashtags relevant to your interests, your newsfeed could transform into a place where you are consistently up-to-date with the latest and most popular posts relevant to you. Over 69% of individuals actively engage in a social media setting. As it is, they will likely be thrilled to find that their experience is about to become even more personalized.

How to Use the New, “Follow Hashtags” Option

The process of utilizing the hashtag follow feature is initially similar to how you go about researching hashtags in general. All you have to do is search for a selected keyword, or click a hashtag used in an already-published photo. Once you come to the search results of that particular hashtag, you will see a circular button on the screen’s the top center. By clicking this button, you will now be following that hashtag. Thanks to this, any public post that is tagged with it will be shown in your newsfeed. If you ever decide to unfollow the hashtag, you can do so whenever you wish.

See What Hashtags Your Followers Are Following

With this new feature, users can also browse through which hashtags their followers are currently keeping track of. If a profile is private, then only that person’s followers can view the hashtags that they are currently subscribed to. Instagram prioritizes privacy first, and will not reveal any of the hashtags you follow to Instagram users who are not approved by you already.

Keeping our social media feeds with posts that are specifically geared to our own interests should genuinely enhance the overall experience. Taking part in the following hashtags feature will present you with the option of having your feed directly cater to your own hobbies and passions.

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