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The Launch of Three Photography Apps from Google

The latest research project of Google reveals three photography apps that appear under the name of “Appsperiments”. Appsperiments is designed to nurture the potential of mobile photography, by using its latest technology. These three apps included in the project are extremely useful when it comes to mobile photography experiences developed with the help of experimental technology.

The first app is called Storyboard. This app offers users the ability to encapsulate a short event or a scene. For the moment, it is only available for Android. The free app uses artificial intelligence to examine a video and then select cool frames. Hence, it creates a single-page layout and applies one of six distinct visual styles. You need to select your favorite styles and tap the display to save it to your devices.

Google launches three photography apps

The next app is called Selfissimo! This one works for both iOS and Android. The app only focuses on pleasing selfie addicts. Hence, it eliminates the struggle some experience when trying to reach the shutter button when extending their arm. This smart app takes a black-and-white photo of a person whenever they stop moving. Therefore, you will be able to pose and shoot endlessly, without worrying about the buttons. Then, you will be able to see all the selfies and eliminate the ones you do not like.

The third app is Scrubbies. This app is only destined for iOS users. The app will allow you to scratch a video you have recorded just like a DJ. Hence, you will be able to manipulate the direction and speed of video playback to develop loops of selected moments.

Summing up

Alex Kauffman, the interaction researcher at Google, argues that the next generation of smartphone cameras will surely be able to incorporate computer vision algorithms and hardware. Hence, the three new apps launched by Google revolutionize photography.

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