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Fans Are Thrilled: Pokemon Go Gets an Exquisite Update

The well-known game, Pokemon Go gets an exquisite update. Fans are excited to find out that their favorite game will include 50 new creatures. Furthermore, game developers will also incorporate outside weather conditions. On December 6th, Niantic, the game developer, has announced that Pokemon characters from Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby will become part of the mobile game.

Niantic launched the game in 2016. Pokemon Go has become so famous because it has incorporated augmented reality technology. The game allows players to use their smartphones to search for Pokemon characters in the physical world. Hence, they need to start a race to gather as many Pokemon as possible. The list of the new Pokemon also includes Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko.

The exquisite update for Pokemon Go will blow your mind

However, the most important addition is not about adding new characters, but the incorporation of real-world weather. Niantic indicates that when the forecast indicates rainy weather, players could spot the fun characters “splashing around”. Furthermore, real-world weather conditions will also influence players’ ability to cast particular magic attacks. For instance, if the weather is rainy, then you will not be likely to cast a spell like Charizard’s Fire Spin. That spell will be more effective when sunny.

The fact that Niantic decided to incorporate the real-life weather into Pokemon Go’s gameplay demonstrates that game developers continue to push boundaries even more. The use of augmented reality takes a new turn. Game developers update this app periodically, implementing new augmented reality features. These features have boosted the popularity of the game.

Summing up

The exquisite update will help you find out the weather, establishing what spells you will be able to cast. Furthermore, you can also chase new characters, being brought from previous Pokemon games. The new update will bring 50 characters from Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby.

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