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The Best Smartphone You Can Buy Is Not iPhone X

If you were tempted to believe that the best smartphone you could purchase is the iPhone X, you were mistaken. On December 5th, Consumer Reports has just published an analysis of the best smartphones. Some may be disappointed to find out that the new iPhone X was listed after Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8.

Among a lot of other characteristics, the iPhone X has a 19.5-hour life, surpassing the life of the iPhone 8 but being behind the Samsung Galaxy S8 which has a battery life of 26 hours. Other differences highlight the downsides of the iPhone X. The new iPhone has a 2716 mAh battery which the Galaxy S8 features a 3000 mAh one and the Galaxy S8 Plus features a 3500 mAh unit.

The iPhone X is not the best smartphone

The list of best smartphones places the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the top of the list. The second was the Galaxy S8 Plus while the iPhone 8 Plus came out third. Believe it or not, the iPhone X was listed on the ninth spot. One of the iPhone X phones that specialists have tested had major back-glass damage.

This happened due to 100 unprotected tumbles from its testing apparatus. The other two similar smartphones suffered screen damage after 50. Hence, if you have already purchased the new iPhone X, you should definitely consider buying a protective case. A single drop can be fatal for your new and expensive smartphone. Despite all these disadvantages, the new iPhone X has the best camera of all the smartphones tested by Consumer Reports.

Summing up

If you have already purchased the new iPhone X to surprise a special person for the Christmas holiday, you may have a bad time. This is not the best smartphone out there. You may want to think about ways you could protect it to prevent damage.

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