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New Strategy to Prevent Suicide: Facebook Uses AI

To overcome the suicide broadcasts, Facebook uses AI. On November 27, the company has announced to implement an artificial intelligence tool to sift through videos and posts to flag those about suicide. The tool is meant to flag the broadcasts about someone implying that they are ready to commit suicide.

The AI tool is available for almost all its 2 billion users, except certain users in the United States. Facebook states that the aim of the new program is to spot and review alarming posts as soon as possible. Timing is extremely important in preventing suicide.

Facebook uses AI tool to prevent suicide

Facebook will implement pattern recognition to scan all comments and posts. The tool looks for particular phrases to identify whether someone really needs help. The reviewers may call first responders. Furthermore, the tool will apply artificial intelligence to prioritize the reports or users about a potential suicide. Some of the signals which indicate that a someone needs to address a report as quickly as possible are “Can I help?” or “Are you ok?”.

When it comes to live videos, Facebook users could report the video and contact one of their helplines to help their friend. Broadcasters will also have the chance to contact another friend of a helpline. Furthermore, users can also get information to contact law enforcement in case this would be necessary.

The vice president of product management at Facebook, Guy Rosen also spoke about the problem. He argues that they have revealed some accelerated reports which required immediate help. Facebook has found that these reports can get escalated twice as quickly to local authorities compared with the rest of the reports.

Summing up

The fact that Facebook uses AI to report and try to help those who write about suicide might contribute to the prevention of it. In this way, authorities could find out about it even more quickly. This new strategy could really save lives.

Image Source: Daily Dot

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