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Will Samsung Galaxy S9 Copy the iPhone X?

Rumor has it the new Samsung Galaxy S9 may copy some of the iPhone X’s features, and most likely Apple is not thrilled about it. We all know that these two giants have been competing since forever, always launching smartphones that would surpass one another’s expectations. Over the years, probably many users have been wondering which smartphone developer copies the other.

Back when the current iPhone X was called the iPhone 8, Apple indicated that their smartphone would feature a fingerprint sensor right under the display. However, that was a trick to determine its biggest competitor to consider a similar feature for their new smartphone. It turns out that Apple only focused on developing Face ID. They have designed it as a Touch ID replacement which was implemented in all-screen iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 seems to copy its competitor

However, they manage to fool Samsung which started working on a solution to implement a fingerprint sensor into its Samsung Galaxy S9, too. In the meantime, some rumors indicate that Samsung may not have this technology ready for the Galaxy S9 launch, at the beginning of 2018. Nevertheless, the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 might feature this characteristic.

Apparently, the fingerprint sensor will be on the back of the smartphone, just like previous models. Furthermore, it will be incorporated into both the Samsung Galaxy S9 + and Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung has established that its mass production for the Galaxy S9 might start in December. Hence, the company will launch iPhone X’s competitor as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, Samsung is now also working on a facial recognition feature which appears to be more sophisticated than Apple’s. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will have pretty much the same characteristics. However, other leaks indicate that Samsung may have a new design for the back of the upcoming smartphones.

Summing up

The two competitors will both try to be one step ahead of each other, launching innovate technology and incredible smartphones. The new outstanding features of these smartphones, like Face Recognition, will literally change the way we look at smartphones.

Image Source: The Inquisitr

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