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The New Razer Phone Is Especially Designed for Gamers

Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer, announced the new Razer Phone. The manufacturer is famous for its stylish and high-end gaming accessories and laptops. Nevertheless, the company decided to launch its first Razer Phone. The new smartphone is meant to be used in the landscape mode. Otherwise, in the portrait mode, the bezels may look out of place if we were to compare it with other revolutionary smartphones.

However, when using the new device in landscape mode, the bezels represent safe spots where you can rest your thumbs and also hold the handset as you play your favorite games. The battery offers 4000 mAh. The Razer’s CEO claims that the battery will help users watch 12.5 hours of video, play Hearthstone for 7 hours straight or listen to 63.5 hours of music.

The new Razer Phone promises an incredible gaming experience

Therefore, the battery is one of the most innovative features because no other smartphone seems to promise the same performance. The long-lasting battery is clearly an advantage for gamers. You can charge it using the USB-C port or the quick charge of Qualcomm. In this way, your smartphone will reach 85% in only one hour.

The new Razer Phone is stock Android. However, developers indicate that they would include a special edition of Nova Launcher Prime in every handset. This will be an optional app launcher, bringing the Razer brand to the Android world. Furthermore, the PC based Game Booster will also make its Android debut with the launch of the new Razer Phone.

Hence, you will be able to add hardware configurations to have a great gaming experience. In this way, you can set the resolution, CPU speed, anti-aliasing on a game and the frame rate.

Summing up

If you are a passionate gamer who has already tested Razer’s gaming devices, then you should definitely consider purchasing the new Razer Phone. Therefore, you will enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience using a smartphone especially designed to have a long-lasting battery.

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