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Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak Reveals Some New Details

After the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S9 have already appeared. The new flagship of Samsung is still under development. Fans expect the new Galaxy S9 to be even more powerful than the rest, bringing innovative features. A recent leak indicates that the new device will sport a series of major changes.

The changes are likely to be related to its fingerprint scanner that may change its location. Last Sunday, on October 29, a tech informant known as Universelce revealed some information regarding the design of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. Their review claims that the back of the new smartphone might completely change.

Another tech blog argues that Samsung filed a patent with a Korean trademark organization. Apparently, the new patent reveals that Samsung may change the placement of the fingerprint scanner. The scanner may appear on a notch, at the bottom of the screen. Clearly, this system is different from the one expected for the optical fingerprint sensor.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 will modify its fingerprint sensor’s placement

Nevertheless, Samsung is likely to try and fix all the industry-wide issues regarding the fingerprint scanners’ implementation for the flagship smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also feature the fingerprint scanner that appears on the smartphone’s rear.

Other smartphone manufacturers struggled to innovate the fingerprint scanner, even more, trying to develop in-display sensors. Nevertheless, all their attempts appear to have failed since the technology met numerous problems. A former marketing manager at Samsung confirmed that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 would not feature on-screen fingerprint recognition. The former manager indicated that, unfortunately, the technology would not be ready in time to be implemented into the new flagship smartphone.

Summing up

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may feature its fingerprint sensor in the center of the device’s rear, similar to the Huawei and LG smartphones. Unfortunately, the leak did not reveal more information about the rest of the smartphone’s features.

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