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Top 4 iPhone Apps on Sale Now

With Halloween just around the corner, no wonder many developers want to surprise Apple fans. That’s why today we must present you a couple of iPhone apps on sale. They are usually available for a price, but now the developers decided to make them available for free or for less than their regular price. Let’s have a look at the surprises Apple offers us.

iPhone Apps on Sale You Can’t Miss

1. Brigands and Barbarians HD

This is a popular mobile game many people love. It’s, in fact, an RPG that contains treasures, dragons, as well as all sorts of old-school adventures. It’s available on all iPad and iPhone products.

2. iQ365 for Instagram

Usually, it costs $0.99, but now you can find it for free if you hurry. It’s a memory game that comes in very handy if you find yourself often in situations where you can’t remember a detail. What’s more, besides their games, you can also shoot and use your own photos for the game. The app also lets you search for rich photos belonging to the Instagram games.

3. Mini Calculator Keyboard

Just like the previous app, this one usually costs $0.99, but now it’s free. If you work or study in a field where you must do a lot of math, this is extremely handy. It comes with a custom keyboard, complete with a big numpad suitable only for iPhone and iPad users.

4. PictaSave

If you want to save pictures you posted on social media that you deleted and then saw you posted them, PictaSave is the solution. It can download pictures, as well as videos in a full HD quality. It has a friendly interface and you’ll get used to using it quite fast.


The iPhone apps on sale we presented above were on sale when the article was written. However, the developers didn’t announce when the sale would end, so it’s possible that if you’re late, you might miss the shot. As such, try to get them as soon as possible for free.

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