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The Honda Gold Wing: Intelligence and Power on Two Wheels

The Honda Gold Wing 2018
The new Honda model sports a lighter design, being more efficient and powerful.

The new Honda Gold Wing promises a wild combination between power and the latest technology in a lighter package. The prospects indicate that the new motorbike will be more efficient and sportier. The 2018 new version of the motorcycle promises a 20% improvement regarding fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the double-wishbone front suspension is estimated to reduce the imperfections in the pavement.

The Honda Gold Wing first appeared on the market back in 1975. Since then, it has been one of the company’s most popular motorcycles. Even if this model has never been the most good-looking one on the road, its capability, comfort and reliability matter more. It has become the favorite motorcycle for the high mileage crowd.

The Honda Gold Wing is the future of motorcycles

The new version of Honda Gold Wing is bound to become faster. This will be possible only due to the weight savings. Nevertheless, the lightest version still weighs 787 pounds. Its engine features six cylinders which are horizontally placed, being a 1,832cc liquid-cooled one. However, the new Honda is 14 pounds lighter, being more compact.

Developers improved the motorcycle’s aerodynamics by creating better fuel efficiency. In this way, they allowed Honda to diminish the capacity of the fuel tank by 1.1 gallons, but they maintained the same range. The most striking change compared to the older version consists of the double wishbone suspension on the front of the bike.

The shock from the imperfections of the road is reduced by 30% due to the handlebars. This new motorcycle will feature the new seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission and the six-speed manual transmission, like the old models.

Summing up

This new motorbike puts together speed and advancement on two wheels. The new model will not only be more powerful, but it will also be sportier, lighter and more efficient.

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