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The Consumer-Hardware Chief at Facebook Resigns

Regina Dungan, the consumer-hardware chief at Facebook, decided to resign after less than two years. She was the head of the secretive Building 8 laboratory. Regina is preparing for a new project, and she decided to end her contract with Facebook after 18 months. She boosted the development of several projects while she worked for Facebook, ranging from a video chat tool to a new technology implying brain waves.

However, she will continue to collaborate with Facebook for a few more months just to make sure the transition is smooth. Dungan’s lab prioritized hardware inventions, focusing on projects implementing artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, Facebook has to deal with a lot of competition, particularly from Amazon.com Inc. with its digital assistant, Alexa.

When working for the social media company, the consumer-hardware chief at Facebook developed a strong team. She presented their plans for future projects at the Facebook’s F8 conference. However, Dungan did not announce any upcoming projects to be near term.

Regina Dungan had resigned

In August, Dungan had a new boss, namely Andrew Bosworth. The long-time executive Bosworth was now in charge of hardware. Many coworkers praise Dungan’s work, and some of them expressed their regret when she resigned. Michael Schroepfer is the Chief Technology Officer at Facebook. He argues that it has been an honor for him to have the opportunity to work with Dungan.

Dungan developed a powerful team, leaving her mark here by doing a great job and deploying an amazing progress. The impact of her work will still resonate in the future. Before she joined Facebook 18 months ago, she was the head of Google’s Advanced Technology and Products team. All eyes remain on the company’s Building 8 division who work on consumer hardware, leading several projects.

Summing up

Now that Regina Dungan is leaving Facebook, specialists there need to find a replacement for her who would lead the Building 8 lab.

Image Source: The Verge

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