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Saying Goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger will be discontinued

During a time that now seems like it was forever ago, AOL Instant Messenger was the most popular instant messaging software. Everyone was using it as the gateway into the future of technology and the internet. It was the coolest thing to do. Unfortunately, that time is long gone and now, Verizon, who owns AIM, has decided to say goodbye to it and it is closing it forever on December 15, this year.

According to Verizon, AIM was the very beginning of what instant messaging meant, back in 1997. In reality, it was not the first such software, but it was undoubtedly the most popular. Those who were kids or teenagers during the 90s were certainly using AOL Instant Messenger. Those are valuable memories, from the carefully-chose screenname to trying to squeeze in some time to chat with your friends from the home computer. AIM was also a big part of the pop culture with popular characters from TV shows and movies who were using it too. Now, it’s finally time to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger

According to Barry Appelman, one of its creators, during that time, everyone who was someone on the Wall Street was communicating via AIM. It all began back in 1993, when AOL saw that explosion of popularity. Four years later, in 1997, AIM was introduced and changed the face of instant messaging forever and has helped building the concept that we now have.

For ten long year, AIM was the main helper when it came to sending messages. Yahoo tried to challenge this popularity with its Yahoo Messenger (that was also very popular) and in 1998, Microsoft did the same thing with its MSN Messenger. However, nothing managed to beat it and AIM came back stronger than ever.

For old times’ sake

Unfortunately, in 2002, AIM started slowly falling apart. By 2012, AOL stopped trying to revive or make it part of today’s technological world. It was clear that its days were numbered. Apart from AOL’s collapse, there were other reasons for the fall of AIM. Services like Skype enable users to also hear and see their friends. This is how AOL Instant Messenger became being known as a relic. It was a matter of time until Verizon would decide to kill it off. And that time is now.

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