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Siri Mistook Bulgaria’s National Anthem for Despacito

Siri on an iPhone

It seems like Apple’s popular virtual assistant Siri can sometimes become a little bit confused. Especially when it comes to music. This is probably how it briefly mistook Bulgaria’s national anthem for none other than the hugely-popular song Despacito. How did this happen? Why? Nobody knows exactly, as Apple hasn’t yet provided an answer to those questions.

The national anthem of the Eastern European country of Bulgaria is Мила Родино which, in Roman lettering is Mila Rodino or Dear Motherland, in English. It’s a very imposing piece of orchestral composition that could fit perfectly into an opera and it wouldn’t seem out of place. On the other hand, Despacito is a hip-shaking, latino summer hit by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Pop star Justin Bieber later joined the remix for the song.

Bulgaria’s anthem mistaken for Despacito

What do those two musical pieces have in common? Absolutely nothing, as they don’t sound even remotely close. So, what could have prompted Siri to mix these two songs up? Nobody really knows. It’s interesting and bizarre because this should have been a very easy task for such an advanced virtual assistant. It seems like it wasn’t and Bulgaria’s national anthem apparently sounds like Despacito in Siri’s opinion.

It all began when an iOS user filmed and posted on Twitter Siri’s response about the national anthem of Bulgaria. After that, many other users tried the same thing and they all got the answer “Despacito”. A Reddit user also discovered this amusing situation and posted about it on the website. It’s actually interesting that Siri thought that the most-streamed song in history is Bulgaria’s anthem. Considering that the virtual assistant draws info from Wikipedia, this mistake shouldn’t have happened. The official Wikipedia page for Bulgaria states the correct composition as its national anthem.

Siri gets things wrong sometimes

It’s actually a good thing that Siri gets everything else about Bulgaria right. Bulgarians should be thankful that it doesn’t state that Justin Bieber is the country’s president. Meanwhile, it appears like Apple has solved the issue. Siri now displays the correct answer when asked about the national anthem of Bulgaria. Still, it remains unclear what caused this malfunction in every Apple device.

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