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Stranger Things Mobile Game Launches

Stranger Things title card

On Wednesday, the company Bonus XP, Inc. released a mobile app in anticipation of the second season of Netflix’s hugely successful horror series Stranger Things. The app, which fans of the series can now download from either the App Store or rom Google Play, is actually a mobile game. It also has a very interesting soundtrack, fairly reminiscent of the classic Pokemon games which were for the Game Boy Color.

The game will surely bring some nostalgia back, especially for the older gamers who were children during that period of time. This new and interesting release will indeed increase the anticipation for the Season 2 of the series that features a group of children being tormented by some evil and supernatural forces in the 1980s. The creators of the series have admitted numerous times that they have been heavily inspired by some successful Stephen King novels, including IT.

A mobile game based on Netflix’s Stranger Things

The official title of the mobile game is simply Stranger Things: The Game. While playing it, the fans will get the chance to explore the now famous city of Hawkins, Indiana. During their journey, they will not only have to battle various creatures, but also solve difficult puzzles while using the specific abilities of each of the characters. Players will also be able to create entire collections of Eggos and Gnomes. Moreover, they will have the possibility to compete with their friends’ Speed Runs. There will be leaderboards especially for this part of the game which players can share on their social media accounts.

It’s also interesting that even the official Twitter account of the Netflix show acknowledged the mobile game. Recently, it posted a 30-second preview. It features a retro-looking style of gameplay along with the special soundtrack everyone has been talking about.

A modern game with a retro vibe

Even if you will be able to play and enjoy this game on your smartphone or tablet, it seems like the studio wanted to also give it a retro vibe. So, you will go back in time, when you were playing those classic video games. However, the only difference will be that now, you’ll have a modern device in your hands. The events of the show itself are taking place in 1984. The second season of Stranger Things will become available on Netflix starting October 27.

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