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Some Reasons for You to Buy Apple’s TV 4K

Apple TV 4K and an iPhone

Apple’s new TV 4K is now available in two separate versions. One costs $179, while the other $199. It may be a lot, but this is a far more superior device than the previous one which came from Apple two years ago. That one quickly fell behind the advanced TV technology, and people forgot about it. Now, it seems like the company has tried to fix some of the issues the first TV had. However, the problems come from the way it tries to implement and incorporate those new technologies and additions.

Better than its predecessor

Firstly, the previous Apple TV didn’t support 4K technology, which was a big problem. This one changes that, and the company is so proud of that that it has even put it in the TV’s official name. Another technology this new device supports is high dynamic range. For those who don’t know, this technology uses light in order to make images appear more like the human eye can see them naturally. This is very important because HDR can truly transform the quality of an image and people are now expecting companies to pair 4K with it.

Also, for the TV to better handle the HDR information on a picture, the new Apple TV also comes with the Dolby Vision format. While still being rare and new, this format also appears on a few other Smart TVs and the Chromecast Ultra.

It’s also very interesting that if you have already bought some HD movies on iTunes, they are going to become 4K for free. So, you will not need to buy a movie again just to have its 4K format. Apple will provide it to you if that certain movie has a 4K version available.

Worth buying

Also, the quality of the picture on the TV is very good as long as you have a speedy broadband and a good source 4K transfer. Moreover, the Apple TV 4K is extremely easy to set up, even for a beginner. The installation process is simple and clear, and it will walk you through everything you need to know. The interface, the menus, Siri, and even the remote control are all excellent. All in all, this is indeed a TV worth buying. It’s easy to use, and it will surely satisfy all your needs.

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