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The Chinese Room Studio Going Dark for a Few Months

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture by The Chinese Room

The video game studio that brought players amazing indie games like Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Chinese Room, has recently made the official announcement that they are going dark for the next few months. What does this mean? Well, the company is now left with only three people, because it has fired the rest of them. It has all been revealed in a lengthy blog post which co-founder Dan Pinchbeck has written for the fans of their amazing games.

According to what he is saying in the blog post, the studio has decided to take this path as a result of many financial and development problems. Also, there have been some health concerns among some of the employees. All those issues made the studio take this decision to stop for a few months. Mainly because it couldn’t have been possible to work in such conditions. Currently, there are only two people left at The Chinese Room apart from Pinchbeck. They are Andrew Crawshaw and Jessica Curry. All the other members of the studio are gone. Most of them left after the release of So Let Us Melt, a Google Daydream VR experience.

Problems at The Chinese Room

Pinchbeck explains in the blog post that the decision to lay off the majority of the staff has not been easy. The studio went through some very difficult times, especially trying to complete their latest game. He says that it wasn’t fair for them to have the release of their year-long work in the shadow of the news about the problems at the studio. This is why they decided only to announce now that the studio is going dark. They wanted to let those people have their moment of glory for their work.

However, Pinchbeck reassures fans that The Chinese Room will still be around. Moreover, the three remaining people are currently working on the project called The 13th Interior. Also, they have another project, Little Orpheus, which next year will enter the prototype phase.

Not the end

Pinchbeck adds that both he and Jessica had no idea that their small video game would end up such a big success. Also, that they would end up having a studio. So, this is not the end, merely a step towards finding their purpose and their path.

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