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Polaroid Instant Camera Looks Fabulous

Classic Polaroid instant film camera

Ten years ago, Polaroid gave on manufacturing instant film cameras. Nine years ago, it also stopped making the film for those types of cameras. Now, after so many years, it seems like the beloved Polaroid camera is making a comeback. Yesterday, a company called the Impossible Project officially announced that they will release a brand new such camera called OneStep 2, for $99. It may sound confusing, but this happened because nowadays, Polaroid only exists as a series of intellectual property rights and patents. So, this other company stepped in and decided to bring back this classic device. They are the same guys who made great efforts to preserve the classic films belonging to Polaroid.

A new Polaroid Instant camera

At the moment, we don’t know too many details about this camera. However, we do know that it’s an instant one, as expected and that you can preorder it here if you feel nostalgic. It seems like shipping for it is going to begin on October 16. It’s also very interesting that this camera tries to imitate as good as possible the feel and look of one of those classic cameras. This is why some modern-day features are completely missing. Surely, it comes with a flash, a timer and a USB for you to be able to charge it. However, this is where modern technology stops. It shoots thanks to eight black and white or colored films, which have the price of $16.

The Impossible Project is also planning to release the camera along with many different films and brand it under the name Polaroid Originals. This release is surely an accomplishment for this company, whose main goal was from the beginning to revive the Polaroid camera. Back in 2008, Polaroid officially announced that it was getting out of the business. Back then, the Impossible Project bought all the remaining equipment and sold the old company’s film.

A journey into the past

As years passed and technology advanced, Polaroid found itself stuck in the past, with no rescue boat to catch. It went through two bankruptcies and at CES 2010 even announced a new instant film camera. Unfortunately, that remained an announcement because the device never saw the light of day. Now, it seems like this young company is trying to bring back the famous brand.

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