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Destiny 2, Still Beautiful, Still Intense

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In Destiny 2, players find themselves wondering through space discovering things that feel both anew and strangely familiar. According to those who managed to play most of the game, the new game doesn’t feel too different in comparison with the original. Yet, this is not something bad. It’s still beautiful and still intense to shoot dozens of aliens. However, this doesn’t mean that the sequel hasn’t fixed some of the original’s problems, especially when it comes to story. The missions you have to complete are more interesting and challenging, while the narrative is suspenseful and leaves you wanting more.

Not far from the original, but better

However, those who might be eager to raw a conclusion regarding Destiny 2 are strongly advised not to. Fans of the first game should know that its story wasn’t clear until a few weeks after its official release. This might be the case here too. The game opens with a shocking sequence as the Tower gets destroyed by a Cabal commander called Ghaul. So, the core of this video game for the past three years is now gone. What is happening now? Where should we go? Things don’t look nice for you character either, as this commander draws all of his (or hers) powers and leaves them wondering around Lost City.

Soon after that, you will be able to explore the first map of the game, the European Dead Zone. A new character will help, one which is part of the new and brilliant cast of the game. There are sure differences from the first game, and one of the most important ones is how you chose your missions. You will no longer have to zoom out and select what you want to do. Instead, it’s now possible to travel there, land on a planet, and search for the location of that particular mission.

Still fun, still beautiful

As for the missions, Destiny 2 changes the way they happen a bit. Instead of the classic “fight three-waves of enemies” type of mission, they will now be more complex. While still fighting aliens, you will have to think a bit a come up with a plan. At the same time, your companions will lighten up the mod with their conversations. All in all, Destiny 2 might be a better game than the first and every fan should try it.

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