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YouTube-mp3 Shuts Down Because of Stream Ripping

Stream ripping, a form of music piracy

It appears like YouTube-mp3, everyone’s favorite audio-ripping website, has agreed to shut down after the Recording Industry Association of America sued it. Not only it will cease its activity, but it will also give the domain to the Association. It all began about a year ago, when the Association decided to sue the website and its owner in some courts in California. And if you like to obtain music from YouTube, you should know how this site worked. You were able to paste the URL of a video and the site would extract the MP3 version of it. Then, it would make it available for download, for free. It was extremely easy to use and a very large number of people did it.

YouTube-mp3 will no longer exist

It’s also interesting to note that back in 2013, the record industry also sued YouTube-mp3, in Germany. However, that story was more about the back-ups of the files people ripped which the website used to store. It was clearly a solid case of copyright infringement, so the website ended up being sued. At the time, it promised to stop creating and storing back-ups for the files. And even if this was also not right and not exactly legal, it got away with it. Until now.

Stream ripping is not at all something new. On the contrary, it has existed for years. However, nowadays, the only difference is that it has become increasingly widespread. Some reports from the United Kingdom are saying that stream ripping is the most frequent form of piracy when it comes to music. Also, the one that grows the fastest. So, in September last year, both the Recording Industry Association of America and the UK equivalent of threatened and sued YouTube-mp3. At the time, the director of the International Federation of The Phonographic Industry said that it was an action meant to protect the rights of labels and artists.

An agreement

Now, it appears like both YouTube-mp3 and the Association have reached an agreement. Philip Matesanz, its owner, promised to pay the damages towards labels and artists. So, it seems like those people who want to keep on stream ripping will have to find another way. Even if they should really stop because it’s not exactly legal to do it.

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