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Nintendo Says that Mario is Not a Plumber

Action figure of Mario the plumber

Even in the video game industry, there are big news, those that leave your mouth open in shock and you cannot believe what you just read. There are also those not-so-important news, which only exist to remind you of certain things or to add various details to a big story. However, there is also a third type of news: the life-changing ones. And the one that follows might be part of this category. Recently, Nintendo made an official announcement that took everybody by surprise. Maybe those who are more nostalgic will feel a little disappointed, but Mario, the iconic video game character, is not a plumber.

Mario is actually not a plumber

It all began when Nintendo update the official profile page for Mario and his brother Luigi on their Japanese website. Thanks to a well-done translation from Kotaku, we now know that Mario was probably working as a plumber a long time ago, but not anymore. The website characterizes the character as a sport passionate. And this is true because we’ve seen many games which had the moustache wearing character play soccer, tennis, or baseball. He even entered car races at one point. However, the only thing that seems to give away his former occupation are his blue overalls.

The official website claims that it’s a possibility that Mario may have worked as a plumber a long time ago. However, nothing is certain. And here we were, being absolutely positive that the character we love so much was surely a plumber. He had to be. After all, he was running all day through the sewers and going through pipes in order to save his beloved Princess Peach. It seems like we were all wrong.

A myth shattered

So, what happened to Mario that he gave up on his plumber job? Maybe he got so rich from all those adventures that he decided to retire. It’s interesting that the new game called Super Mario Odyssey will feature a lot of travels. So, maybe he just wants to find a nice place to finally settle down. Actually, Mario’s career has been a bizarre one. His original concept, which was called Jumpman, was supposed to be a carpenter. When Mario Bros. got released, he was established as a plumber. It seems like this is not the case anymore.

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