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The Witcher Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Special Video

The Witcher main character, Geralt of Rivia

Fans of fantasy RPG video games in general and those of The Witcher saga in particular should know that next month, the adventures of the monster hunter Geralt of Rivia will turn ten years. So, in order to celebrate this very special occasion, CD Projekt has prepared some kind of anniversary video. It shows Geralt, the main character, along with all the other characters who have been part of this amazing universe. It may be difficult to believe that the series started so long ago, considering the huge success and popularity it has been enjoying ever since.

The tenth anniversary of The Witcher’s adventures

On October 26, the popular RPG series will turn ten. Back then, the original The Witcher video game was released on PC. At the time, it impressed gamer and critics alike with its complex story and amazingly built world and characters. It’s interesting that this date is not only of major importance for the video game series, but also for the studio that created it, CD Projekt RED. So, in order to mark this very important date and to celebrate it, the studio came with the idea to create a short video in honor of this event.

In it, fans can see Geralt reminiscing all of his amazing adventures from the series of games. He is doing this while talking with every major character that has influenced his adventures in one way or another. They all seem to be having a good time together while they are catching up. Fans will notice that, towards the end of the video, Geralt will even break the fourth wall a bit. He addresses the audience directly. After all, they are what made this series so popular and loved. Without them, there wouldn’t even be an anniversary.

The fans made it possible

Also, those who played the last game in the series, called Wild Hunt, will surely be eager to find out what the Witcher has been doing all this time. Most of them won’t be surprised at all, because he filled his time with the usual stuff. The video actually debuted at the Witcher’s PAX panel. This is indeed a very nice idea from the studio. Actually, there are many fans who are commenting on the video that it made them cry with nostalgia.

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