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Apple Changing the Way You Use an iPhone

Touching the home button on an Apple iPhone

Next month, Apple will be revealing the long-anticipated iPhone 8, along with two other versions, the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. However, it seems like the tech giant has bigger plans this time than to just introduce a brand-new smartphone. They want to change the way you will be using your phone from now on. The main clue towards this is one very important absence from the handset: the home button. According to lots of reports which have been going around for weeks, the upcoming iPhone 8 will no longer have this seemingly important button. Instead, it will be completely bezel-less.

Changing the smartphone business

So, it seems like Apple will replace the most important thing any iPhone user was doing every minute of every day: pressing that famous home button. This button was either unlocking your phone or allow you to go back to its home screen if you wanted to do something else. It seems like from now on, it will not be there anymore. So, all the people who were so used to pressing that button and were doing it as frequently as they were breathing will have to say their farewells.

However, what will replace this button? According to a report, a simple swipe on the new iPhone’s screen will do the trick from now on. It seems like the home button will be replaced by a “software bar”. It will be on the screen and the user will be able to simply swipe up, and drag that bar to unlock their phone. They will be able to do the same thing when inside an app too. Simply swipe up, and you will have the possibility to choose what you want to do next. You can either close the app, open another one, or go back to the phone’s home screen.

Kiss the home button farewell!

Many people have said that this change will take some time to be fully understood and accepted by everyone. The home button was extremely easy to use and people could have done this without even looking at the screen. Now, without it, it will be impossible. Also, some have called the home button the symbol of the iPhone elegance. Not that the upcoming iPhone 8 won’t be elegant, but it will surely feel like a huge change.

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