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Blizzard Launches Animated Short Based on Overwatch

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On August 23, Blizzard officially launched the new animated short movie based on the highly-successful video game Overwatch. The company revealed it during the Gamescom event. Those who have seen it are saying that it’s so well-don’t that it might leave many fans wanting an actual movie, or at least series, based on it. It’s undoubtedly a very good idea from the company, one which will surely attract new players and keep those older ones interested. Overwatch came out last year and it’s a shooter in which players must form teams in order to succeed. Everything takes place on Earth, but in the future.

A new Overwatch animated short

The name of the new short movie is Rise and Shine and its central character is Mei. The movie follows her normal routine as she wakes up at Ecopoint Antarctica and prepares for her day. Snowball, her cute friend, is helping her. However, a day that seemed perfectly ordinary suddenly becomes so much more than that. Apparently, all of her dear friends have died inside their cryo tubes over the course of those nine years that have passed without her noticing. Moreover, Overwatch doesn’t even exist anymore. Her lovely companion is the only one who makes her happy and proves to be a loyal friend.

The short animated movie seems to borrow a lot from those Pixar/Disney movies. At times, it becomes very sad. Even if this is all fiction, the movie might make some people ask themselves some existential questions. It’s deeper than it actually looks and has some interesting ideas hidden in it. It’s worth noting that this recent movie comes after another one, also based on Overwatch. The main characters of that one were Junkrat and Roadhog. That was a clever way of unveiling the new map for the game, called Junkertown.

Lots of animated movies

Previously, there have been more such movies featuring characters like Widowmaker, Tracer, Hanzo or Soldier 76. Blizzard has also released some comics which are now available on their official website. All in all, it seems like Blizzard continues to attract its fans and Overwatch is still one of the most popular videogames in recent memory. And with those clever ideas and very interesting short movies, it may remain like this for a long time.

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