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Android 8.0 Oreo is Lovely and Well-Done

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The new version of the popular Android operating system, very-interestingly called 8.0 Oreo, after the biscuits we all know and love, is finally here. Long story short, it’s lovely and it brings many changes which have to do with the evolution of the system. They are not exactly revolutionary in any way, but are extremely useful and were needed. Some have deemed the new Oreo as being quite a boring and uninteresting update, and they are not wrong. The update doesn’t bring anything world-changing, but it refines some features which indeed needed a refresh.

A lot of improvements

There are a lot of improvements which the new Oreo brought, but maybe the most crucial ones are those that you don’t really see. The ones which have to do with the performance of the device which really affects the way we use our phones. It’s very important that Oreo has introduced a lot of battery-saving features which will surely please a lot of users. Now, those rogue apps which run in the background will no longer drain your battery. Also, now, certain apps will not receive location updates so frequently. Those changes might not seem that important, but they could prove to be the most crucial ones for your phone.

It’s also worth noting that the Adaptive icon feature, which many people were eager to try, is not yet available. The change comes from the fact that the static icons we all know will receive a refresh and will be dynamic from now on. For example, some will pulse, others will bounce around. Again, it doesn’t seem to be crucial, but it’s a nice touch. Also, certain icons will appear different for various phones, so there will be a variety there which will prove entertaining.

Minor, but crucial changes

Also, the Settings menu now has a different layout. Google has also incorporated similar settings into one category. This way, it avoids that clutter of options which many complained about. Another small change is that which lets you change the lock screen shortcuts to fit your needs. Not many people want to have shortcuts of a certain app. Now, they can change those thanks to this new feature which Android 8.0 Oreo has introduced.

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