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Facebook and Instagram Introduce Design Changes

Icons representing apps, with fFacebook and Instagram undergoing design changes

It seems like Facebook has been drawing inspiration from other popular websites like Reddit. In conclusion, the tech giant decided that it’s time for a design change. This is why you may have noticed that your News Feed seems more open and easier to read. Also, it’s now much simpler to leave comments or to click on specific content that interests you. At the same time, it seems like Instagram got an overhaul of its own when it comes to design. Also, the popular app now offers the possibility to reply to someone in threads, just like on Facebook.

Some design tweaks

It’s no secret that Facebook regularly makes design changes to its user interface to make it less crowded and easier to access. They are usually removing unnecessary space or frames that occupy useful parts of the News Feed. Some may have noticed that Facebook has a lot more white space than it did before. One reason for this could the company’s efforts to deal with eye fatigue and eye problems. You vision becomes blurry if you scroll too long on the social media platform. So, maybe the company wants to reduce that. Also, a secondary reason could be to make the content of your friends’ posts pop out more easily.

According to the design team, those changes are not meant as a way of tricking the users into thinking the company is continuously doing something. Instead, they reportedly want to make a daily habit less tiring and easier to use. In the next few weeks, users should expect those new changes to roll out for both Android and iOS devices. One significant change has to do with the way Facebook is now displaying comments. They are appearing as bubbles, which are easier to read and respond to.

Little, but essential changes

Also, another change involves the buttons. They are now bigger and easier to tap on. Moreover, the design team has only left the borders of their symbols. For example, that little hand which shows the Like button is now only a contour. Profile photos now have a round shape in order to take up less space. It’s no secret that those social media platforms are changing in order to please the users and to make them come back for more. It seems like this is just another step in that direction.

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