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What to Know When You Play Agents of Mayhem

Three cahracters from Agents of Mayhem

Yesterday, the much-anticipated spin-off of the popular videogame Saints Row was finally out. However, Agents of Mayhem will be an entirely different experience than it exaggerated, violent and funny predecessors. First of all, it will require players to do some things differently than they were used to. This is why there are some tips and tricks which players should apply if they want to make the best out of this game and to beat the evil organization known as Legion.

Some useful tips

As any other game, Agents of Mayhem will instruct you through pop-up messages regarding the way the game works. From your weapons to special missions and how to bring back to life your dead companions. A very strong advice is to take your time and read all of those tips. They are very useful and will spare you a lot of trouble with the game. Most players have developed some kind of reflex to just press Skip whenever they pop up. This is not the case.

Secondly, going head-first into a room full of enemies might prove to be a rewarding experience. However, it doesn’t work every time. Throwing bullets left and right might seem intimidating, but it will not provide you with the same bonuses and experience. Also, players should use cover whenever the situation requires it. Regain your shield or, if you prefer stealth, hide for a bit until you have an advantage position. Also, it’s very important to know which specific agents have advantages over certain enemies and use those.

It’s also extremely important to not keep the same squad the game offers you in the beginning: Hollywood, Fortune and Hardtack. You have the possibility to choose from twelve agents, each with its their own specific abilities. Characters like Oni or Scheherazade are also extremely useful and sometimes, better than what you initially got.

Make your life easier

Every Agents of Mayhem player should know that every character has its individual set of abilities and powers. This is why you should give them all a go. You may not like them all, but they could prove useful. Also, try to maintain a balance within your team. Have a bit of everything. Tis way, you will surely enjoy this game that has its ups and downs but is a really entertaining one.

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