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Graphy from LG Will Allow Users to Copy Professional Photos

LG introduces Graphy app

LG has been launching some very-interesting news about its upcoming flagship smartphone called V30. The most recent piece of news centers around a new app that amateur photographers will surely love. The new phone will reportedly come with the app Graphy installed in its camera app. And Graphy will do something that no other app has ever been able to. It will allow users to “copy” the style of a certain professional photo they love. After that, they will be able to apply those variations to their own photo. It may sound a lot like Prisma, another very popular such app, but what LG is doing is different. At least this is what the company is claiming.

Graphy, one very useful app

LG promises a new kind of style-transfer app with Graphy. The idea is that this software will be able to recognize and transfer certain setting of a source photo. Things like balance, contrast, aperture or ISO will be applied to a normal, unaltered photo which the user has taken with the V30 phone. At the moment, nobody knows how exactly will this work. Many of those settings depend on the environment in which they’re taken. An answer to this question could be that Graphy will not really completely recreate those things, but will rather copy the appearance of the professional photography.

Apart from this very-interesting new app, the upcoming V30 will also have some new changes. For once, the way you will inlock it is different. There are actually two different ways in which you can do this. The phone will have facial recognition software which a person can use without having to turn the screen on. Also, you will be able to unlock your device by speaking a certain pass phrase.

Interesting changes

V30 will no longer feature the secondary display. This is due to the fact that its screen will be of about 6-inches and the bezels will be extremely small. Also, LG has implemented the so-called “always on display”. Basically, the phone will never have a completely black screen. Instead, it will show the date, the time, certain tools or notifications, all customizable. All in all, LG promises a very good smartphone but we will see how people will receive it.

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