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Facebook Launches Watch, Its Take on Social Television

Facebook launches Watch tab

It seems like Facebook as begun its fight to enter the television business. Today, it launched Watch, its video platform containing programs which the company has financed. Actually, this platform has existed for quite some time, but the company redesigned it and transformed it into some kind of money maker. So, starting August 10, the video tab in the Facebook app on iOS, Android, and also on web and TV, will be replaced with Watch. It’s interesting that apart from the programs sponsored by Facebook, the tab will contain videos from other content creators too. Also, in time, it will be personalized with each user’s particular preferences.

Fighting for a place in the TV business

When it will launch, users will be able to watch shows like Nas Daily, which is about a guy who makes daily videos with his followers, and Gabby Bernstein, which is a different type of show, more interactive. Also, Watch will make Kitchen Little available too, a show during which children are cooking with famous chefs. It’s worth noting that Facebook closed a deal with Major League Baseball too and will broadcast one match each week.

Facebook’s move into television should not come as a surprise. The company is looking for more sources of profit. If Watch will have the success the company is expecting, it could open lots of new doors for the future. As the social media platform is slowly running out of space for ads on the News Feed, it has shifted its focus on other profitable things. Also, if it will be successful, other companies like YouTube, Netflix or Amazon could feel threatened. However, in order to become a dangerous competitor, Facebook will need to make sure that its strategy to make people watch long shows in the app is working.

Looking for more profit

It’s worth noting that the company offered money to various content creators to make the shows that will be available on Watch. Its wish was to only have original shows in there, in order to attract even more watchers. The tab will also be a bit different from classic video players. It will show users videos depending on categories. From the most watched ones right now, to the ones which your friends are watching. All in all, it seems like Facebook is slowly becoming polyvalent. It may be just a matter of time until it swallows the competition.

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