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Google Instant Search Will No Longer Be Available

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Google Instant Search will no longer be available as a direct result of mobile use increase. The feature, which has become an integrated part of using the search engine, was designed in 2010 and managed to revolutionize internet queries at the time. Only the related searches option will remain as a token of the Internet that was.

Seven Years Ago, Google Instant Search Revolutionized the Internet

Back in 2010, Marissa Mayer, the then Google VP of user and search experience, proposed a revolutionary feature that would make the life of Internet dwellers easier. By attempting to complete the queries of users and providing alternative real-time search options, Google managed to reshape the way people used the Internet. It also successfully helped users in enriching their culture and cutting down on the time they spent on doing research.

Google Instant Search Is No Longer Relevant Due to Mobile Devices

Now, as increasingly more people turn to their mobile devices when it comes to making a quick Google search, the feature is becoming irrelevant. Even more, seeing as individuals are conducting their inquiry on a small touchscreen, the instant search can even prove to be a little bothersome.

Seeing as less than half of all those who conduct Google searches still use a laptop or computer, the autocomplete option seems to have become a remnant of past technologies. Smartphones and tablets are not-so-slowly and surely replacing laptops and computers, and users just don’t care about instant searches anymore.

Even more, increasingly more users prefer to conduct their search directly in the browser, rarely accessing the Google homepage. Therefore, instead of trying to improve a forgotten technology, the company is now redirecting its efforts into coming up with alternate ways in which they could simplify searches conducted from all devices.

No More Recommended Search Results?

Removing the instant search feature doesn’t mean that users will no longer see recommended searches. If they are curious about what other Internet dwellers are looking for, they can scroll down the results page and check out the drop-down menu. However, the results will no longer reflect real-time inquiries.

Seeing as Google was and is the leading authority in making our virtual lives easier and faster, we’re all looking forward to seeing what innovations the company will come up with in the near future.

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