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What is New on Apple iOS 11 Beta 4

iOS 11 brings many changes

On the morning of July 24, Apple reportedly sent the Beta 4 version of the new iOS 11 to all the developers. According to reports, this version of the beta is the one which brings the largest number and the most important changes out of them all. Users will be very happy to know that Apple has finally added that long-anticipated and desired ability to swipe away notifications from the lock screen of the phone. Many icons on the system have been altered along with a few others important changes which are meant to provide a better experience to the users.

Significant changes in the iOS 11

The most visually-striking changes are surely the icons. It seems like Apple has chosen to introduce some new icons for the Contacts, Reminders and Notes. However, people should not worry if they notice there’s something wrong with their new icons, like they are reversed or show bullets, in the case of the Reminders app. The company usually adapts those icons for the languages that read right to left. A future update will surely fix this small problem for the other users. The Contacts in Settings have a new icon now to, but the Reminders and Contacts inside the Settings remain the old ones.

One of the most anticipated changes finally happened now. User can now swipe away the notifications directly from the lock screen of their device. Swiping it will reveal two options, to either see or clear it. Tapping on it will also reveal another options screen. This will encourage users to use the Touch ID to unlock the phone and then open the app you need. Users should also know that swiping to the left clears the notification, while swiping right automatically opens it.

Long-anticipated additions

The Wi fi icon on the left side of the device’s screen also received an upgrade. Its lines are now thicker and look more uniform than before. Also, in the Accounts and Passwords menu, that small key is no longer horizontal, but vertical. Moreover, the Capacity section in the Settings displays the total capacity of the device. Before, it showed the capacity it had without the space the iOS operating system occupied. All in all, these might look like some minor changes. However, they are actually rather important for those used with the iOS.

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