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Pyre, at the Convergence of Art, Gameplay and Music

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At first it was Bastion, an impressive tale which described how being lonely in the middle of the apocalypse felt. Then, it was Transistor, a beautiful blend of love, mystery and an amazing combat system. Now, it’s Pyre from the same studio called Supergiant Games. This game sits at the convergence of beautiful art, gameplay and emotional music, like all their previous games. Pyre mixes once again all those elements in such a perfect way that is difficult to notice the borders between them. This is more an experience than a videogame.

A mix of emotions and art

This time, you play as the Reader, who the Commonwealth sent into exile for being able to read, a serious crime for them. Almost dying, a bizarre ensemble of masked people finds and rescues the Reader and the adventure begins. Those individuals wearing masks are only a few of those who you’ll meet along the way and with whom you’ll form alliances. If the previous two games dealt with simpler and more intimate stories, Pyre changes that. It has lots of lore and an extended story that will fascinate players. This time there are more characters to know and more stories to reveal than ever before. It’s also amazing how the developers manage to completely remove the idea of main character. While the player enjoys the game as the Reader and finds more about this world through his eyes, all the others are very important and crucial to the narrative. Nobody is more important than the others.

The Nightwings, the group you’re now part of, must win the Rites of Flame in order to be able to return to the Commonwealth. This is your mission. To help your companions go through those challenges for a common purpose. Each Rite is different and unique in its own way and they never feel repetitive or boring.

A bigger story and more characters

Many experts have compared Pyre with a moving visual novel. It doesn’t have weird mechanics just because it’s a game and must work like one. Also, the music in this game carries a unique feeling. It can raise you to the sky, and it can bury you underneath the ground. All in all, this is an experience more than it is a videogame. A personal story of freedom and friendship that is surely to catch many people’s attention.

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