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Destiny 2 is Bound for Success, Report Says

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The hugely-acclaimed Destiny videogame became a worldwide phenomenon when it launched. It immediately gathered an enormous user base full of dedicated fans who would not stop playing the game. However, some gamers were extremely disappointed when they found out that game was not going to come out on PC. This is why the developers decided to change the story a bit and with the upcoming Destiny 2, they want to also please the PC gamers so that they won’t be disappointed again. In September, the game will be launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The next month, PC gamers will be able to get the game too.

A recipe for success

It’s interesting that a new report coming from SuperData Research claims that the highly-anticipated sequel will have an even bigger success than its predecessor. According to them, the game is expected to sell about 4 to 5 million digital units only in the first three months and only for PC. In order to prove that what they predicted will indeed come true, the company explained that they reached this conclusion after analyzing the success the original game had. After that, they compared it with some other very popular games acclaimed by critics and very qualitative.

Moreover, the company said that they also took into account the huge impact Blizzard’s service called Battle.net. The developers made this service available for PC. Interestingly enough, when it comes out, Destiny 2 will reportedly only be available for PC players via this service. SuperData also reportedly compared and analyzed various digital download trends in order to predicts this successful future for the upcoming game.

The predictions could come true

It’s crystal clear that sequel for Destiny will have huge sales and will gain possibly even more popularity than its predecessor. One of those reasons might be the developers’ brilliant idea to make it available for PC too. If the original game had this enormous success only on platforms, imagine the peak the sequel will reach. It’s common knowledge that the user base for PC is much bigger than that for consoles. So, the growth could even be much bigger than expected. The beta for the game begins next week on consoles. Also, for PC, it will start in August.

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