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Moto X with wooden backpanel confirmed and coming soon to Verizon and rest, may be!

Motorola Moto X with wooden back panel is confirmed by CEO Dennis Woodside via interview with MKBHD in Google Hangout (posted the video below), which adds more trusted proof to @Evleaks recent publishing of a photo of wooden Moto X.


Denis Woodside told in the interview that its “coming soon” ad not revealed the exact date or month – you could predict as tomorrow or may be after 3-4 months.

On the same day, the popular gadgets leaking Twitter account @Evleaks has leaked an image of Moto X with wooden back panel wit the Verizon logo printed on it. This suggests that the wood is coming to Verizon, but if Motorola makes it exclusive to Verizon, then it is leaving money on the table. If every carrier in U.S. or other countries, the sales of Moto X could spike as it is an unique proposal to the consumer market as the Apple did with their iPhone 5s by releasing a gold iPhone 5s.

Its unclear that the price model for these wooden models (we can see 2 different wooden models in the pic) is similar to the normal Moto X, which comes with $179 and $199 price tag for 8GB and 16GB models. If they add $10 or $20 more to these models, then it might not affect the sales as it could be a pretty unique experience holding a wooden themed phone.

Google already narrowed the profit margin of Moto X as one teardown of the device by Techinsights shows that the Moto X component costs of a $199 worth 16GB smartphone is around $123 and you should know that to market a product the company has to spill more dollars.

Hopefully, the final design and the release date is around the corner. Wat is your opinion on this Woody Moto X?

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