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Bing for Android app updated with refreshed UI and Bing wallpaper for you phone

Microsoft updated their Bing app for Android with cleaner UI, additional features similar to the Bing iOS app and more interestingly, you can now set the daily Bing images as the Android wallpaper.



If you are tired of staring at your smartphone’s same old wallpaper, the Bing will help you to refresh it in regular basis. However, its not sure, whether it will update the wallpaper automatically like its Bing for Desktop, but inside the app, there is a small download icon, which sets the current image as the wallpaper.

Bing updated the Android app, where you can directly search and browse the web within the redesigned app with the inbuilt browser. We guess, that is why Microsoft is not planning to release its troubled Internet Explorer app to Android or iOS (There are few Internet Explorer apps, but its not official!).

Bing Maps, Weather, SkyDrive sync and private mode (similar to incognito window in Google Chrome browser) are the other features available in the app. “Search with Bing” widget will be available, which works similar to Google search widget with the “speak to search” technology.

When I tried the Bing app in my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, the image set as the wallpaper seemed like zoomed and the clarity of the wallpaper was much lesser than the original image.

There are few other automatic wallpaper changers available for Android, which uses the high quality images from 500px.com and the wallpaper quality was much nicer than the Bing wallpaper. 500 Live Wallpaper Android app is one of them but the heavy data usage made me to remove the app. But, if configured correctly with less categories and long updating time, you could make it work with less data usage.

Latest version “Bing for Android” app is available on Google Play Store to download.

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