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Want to Relax and Be Fit? Ask Your Smart Assistant, Alexa for Help

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Amazon’s smart assistant can power up countless skills – many of which are just being discovered.

Smart assistants have been available for several months now. Amazon Echo’s Alexa is one of the best intelligent home systems. Despite the fact that it has been on the market for some time, Alexa owners still don’t know every skill the smart assistant has. Did you know that Alexa can help you lose weight and relax?

Well, Alexa is starting to learn more skills to help you with daily tasks. Maybe you didn’t know, but the digital assistant can be your trainer too. You can download hundreds of apps that give the smart assistant skills. There are also skills for health and fitness.

Yoga Training With Alexa

Yoga Trainer helps you stay in shape and relax at home. Maybe you don’t like to go to the gym to do yoga, or you simply like to stay at home and learn yoga poses. Yoga Trainer uses Alexa to teach you several postures. This improves your core strength and balance. All you have to do is to tell Alexa to ask Yoga Trainer for a new session or for the next pose. This app is designed for people who know a little bit about yoga and who are comfortable with practicing this activity without a supervisor.


Meditation is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. If you like this type of activity, Alexa can guide you with 1-Minute Mindfulness. This skill of the smart assistant helps you start a meditation practice. You can even choose what type of meditation you like. The skill lets you decide between specific sounds, peaceful meditation, forest meditation, and quick meditation. Just ask Alexa to open Mindfulness for meditation.

Working out with your smart assistant

Everybody has a full schedule nowadays. Due to this fact, we don’t have time to go to the gym every day. This is how 7-Minute Workout came to be. With the help of your smart assistant, you are guided through the routine. You can stop between exercises, take a small break and let Alexa know when you’re ready to start again. The 7-Minute Workout has exercises that are scientifically proven to reduce fat and improve your energy.

What is your opinion about Alexa’s Skills? How many of them did you try out and how did they work for your routine?

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