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Trump’s Supporter, Peter Thiel, Shares some Interesting Thoughts

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Recently, Facebook board member and Donald Trump enthusiast Peter Thiel talked about some rather interesting issues in an interview with The New York Times. His views are sometimes fascinating, from ideas about the universe to life and many other things. It seems like he is trying to go into the spotlight, now that his favorite candidate has become president of the United States.


He worries that Trump will not change too much

Thiel is also a member of Trump’s transition team and a venture capitalist. One of the most interesting things he said during the interview was that, in his opinion, people who worry that Trump is going to make too many changes are wrong. He worries that he is not going to make enough changes. Peter Thiel is a difficult to understand individual. One day he says that he wants to save the world from its doom. The next, he supports the man who many compared to Hitler himself.

Everyone remembers the recent tech-meeting that Trump had with the most important Silicon Valley players. Thiel organized it all and he acted as some sort of right hand to the president-elect. At one point, Trump even touched Thiel’s hand so gently that the whole world started raising eyebrows. The interviewer also asked Thiel about Trump’s idea to build a Muslim database and if his company, Palantir, would help him do it. He simply stated that nobody will build any Muslim registry. As for Trump’s conviction that climate-change is invented by the Chinese, Thiel says that nobody can influence what a man is already convinced of. He can only change it himself.

Apple’s age is ending

Peter Thiel previously said something about Apple that really surprised many people. Now, he was asked once again to say whether or not he thinks that the age of Apple is finally over. His response? The age of Apple is indeed reaching its end. His motive for saying this is the fact that nowadays, the smartphones are so evolved that nothing else can be game-changing. In his opinion, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO is not at fault for this, but it is just the way it is. The problem is that he is not the only one who thinks like this. Many people have said that Apple has reached its limits. From now on, they should pray that people will not get bored of the iPhones or iPads or anything else from them.

Still, Thiel talked about another company too, Google. In his opinion, Google was way too powerful under the Obama administration. As for his opinion about Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Donald Trump being alike, his answer was affirmative. He said that those too very important figures are very much alike, even if Musk is not a fan of Trump at all. They are both extremely well-versed businessmen and two crucial people for the world. It is interesting to note that he did not include Tim Cook on this list. Maybe there is a deeper animosity than we know between them? The future will maybe tell us everything we need to know.

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