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Nokia wins patent case against HTC, One mini smartphones gets banned in UK

Nokia has just won a patent dispute lawsuit against HTC, which will ultimately lead to the ban of HTC One along with HTC One mini starting from December 6th.

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So far, HTC’s biggest threat in innovation is Nokia, because it already has plenty of patents related to mobile phones in its name. This time Nokia has won a patent case against HTC in England and Wales High Court, where Justice Arnold ordered the ban on HTC handsets which violates Nokia’s EP0998024 patent of “modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station”.

However, HTC was kept on arguing that the disputed part mentioned in the lawsuit was the part of the Qualcomm chipsets, which are used in HTC smartphones and argues that the deal should be covered by Nokia and Qualcomm directly in U.S. Looking at the current situation of the Taiwanese troubled smartphone maker, judge has given the firm 4 days of time till Friday to appeal. If all goes according to Nokia’s calculations and expectations, HTC One also will be banned in UK.

“Potentially this is a further blow to HTC given the challenging year it has already had,” says industry expert Ben Wood of CCS Insight. “But right now this will have little impact as any injunction is delayed pending appeal. Both sides will doubtless continue the legal fight, as these sorts of battles characterise the mobile device landscape more and more.”

This is not the first time, HTC is facing threat by Nokia patents. Recently, Nokia won a case against HTC’s radios and microphones. HTC One mini is already imposed ban in UK starting from December 6 and even the list goes on as it had won few cases in Germany regardig wireless patent and battery saving patents.


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