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Samsung Galaxy S8 does not seem to have a Home Button Anymore

Samsung Galaxy S7 image, the gold modelEven if CES 2017 has attracted everyone’s attention these days, another piece of news made us look twice. The new reports are about two devices which will most probably be the best sellers of this year: iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung will unveil their new Galaxy smartphone in just a few months whereas Apple will take a bit longer, at least eight months. Still, Samsung seems to want to make everyone forget the disaster that was Note 7 and impress us with the new S8 model. Until now, their plan seems to be shaping up just fine.

Leaked Galaxy S8 images

Some real life images of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone have leaked on the Internet. Sure, it is not certain that we are looking at the Galaxy S8, but according to specialists, these latest images are the closest to how the real device should look, from the rumors we have. The new handset will have very thin bezels and, maybe the biggest surprise, no home button. Not a physical or a digital one. Actually, despite the fact that the screen is on, no other screen buttons can be seen. This leads us to believe that Samsung might have introduced a hide option for them. From the images, the smartphone seems to be the gold colored model, with the Samsung branding just under the huge screen. Apart from these changes, the classic volume and power buttons are still there, on each side of the phone.


From what we can see from the images, the phone seems to be in the Chinese language. This would actually fit a rumor according to which the company is currently testing the smartphone in China. Rumor has it that Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S8 sometime in April. The surprise is that they might release not one, but two models: the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. According to some other rumors, both models will probably come with the “Bixby” Artificial intelligence Assistant installed.

The Apple iPhone 8 craze

As for Apple’s handsets, rumors are saying that, after years in which Samsung imitated lots of their features, it is Apple’s turn to steal something from them: the dual-curved edges. Still, it is rather unclear if these rumors are indeed true or at what degree will Apple introduce the curved edges. Maybe it will not be something so striking as it was the case with Samsung’s. Maybe Apple wishes to bring in something more subtle in order to keep the famous design of the phone intact.

Apple is also rumored to introduce a fingerprint scanner directly into the phone’s display. So, the home button on iPhone will most probably also disappear. Apart from these rumors, there is nothing new regarding the iPhone 8. We might have to wait a little bit more for even more info or official reports. Until then, we will keep on analyzing the recent Galaxy S8 images and wonder whether or not Apple will be able to hold the level high. One thing is certain: the game is on!

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