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LG has a New Levitating Speaker which will blow Everyone Away

LG PJ9 levitating speaker seen in a roomAt CES 2017, LG is going to reveal their new portable speaker. The most interesting part? It apparently levitates! Just imagine a little speaker floating around the entire room, playing music and looking like it just came from the Star Wars universe. Who would not want that? It seems like LG chose to show us a glimpse of their new flying device, ahead of next month’s event.

LG Levitating Portable Speaker PJ9

Its name is apparently LG Levitating Portable Speaker PJ9 and it has a very minimalistic look, all white. Still, it is actually a simpler technology than you might imagine. The speaker is a Bluetooth wireless one, which levitates above a base. This is possible due to the energy of electromagnets. Charge it and it will function for up to 10 hours, both flying and pumping music. At least this is what LG promises us. A very interesting feature is that even when it is out of battery, the speaker just slowly lands on its so-called Levitation Station. Moreover, it continues to play music while it is charging. So, you do not need to worry that your little flying friend might crash and become a wreck. It is intelligent enough to first gently land before charging.


Even if LG insists that the PJ9 is a portable speaker, we do not really see how that is possible. The device is clearly meant to be used around the house. You can take it from room to room, even in your garden. It would have been portable if it would have functioned without the Levitation Station. Like this, it is just another, very interesting nonetheless, Bluetooth speaker.

A little floating friend

Apart from keeping the speaker flying, the base also functions as a subwoofer, handling the bass. It is worth noting that the PJ9 is waterproof, like the Apple Watch. So, you can drop it in a pool or put it outside in the rain, it will still work perfectly fine. According to LG, the speaker uses the Dual Passive Radiator technology. This theoretically means a very good sound quality, but nobody can say this for sure until the PJ9 will be tested.

It is certain that LG will offer more details about this interesting new device at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 5. However, they should be careful to arrange a silent room in the crowded and nosy convention building. This way, the PJ9 will be tested in optimal conditions, without any interference from the outside. After all, critics will need to hear clearly what the flying speaker is capable of. There have been some floating speakers in the past, some looking like UFOs, others like flying balls. Still, until now, none of them have attracted the attention of so many people from the industry. We will see what the PJ9 is all about, but until then, everyone who might want one should start counting their economies. LG has not released an official price yet. However, we would like to warn you. Expect it to be more on the pricey side.

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