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Instagram Stories introduces Stickers for Emojis, Locations and Seasons

Instagram has just released a new update for its Stories section which contains what some would call an “carbon copy” of Snapchat’s geofilters. Their new Stickers offer users the opportunity to make their photos and videos more fun. The company announced the Stickers through an official post on their blog.

Emojis, locations and seasons

How does this new update work? It is quite simple. After you finished taking a video or a photo, you will see a new button, the Stickers button, next to the drawing tools on the right side of the screen. If you will choose to access the smiley face, you will be able to apply different stickers to your media. They are extremely varied, from the time and place of the picture or video to the weather outside or different emojis. Moreover, the Stickers will also change with the season. For example, now you can add Christmas-themed ones. The size of the stickers can also be changed and users can add as many of them as they wish. In what concerns a difference from Snapchat, the Stories location stickers will be available from anywhere in the world, not only when you are close to that specific location.


Other interesting features

Apart from these fun new Stickers, Instagram has also added some other new options. A very interesting one is that which allows users to begin recording a video just by tapping once on the button. So, from now on, you will no longer need to hold the button in order to record a video. This is especially useful for singers who are using an instrument, as they have both of their hands busy. If done right, this feature might make aspiring musicians give up other apps and move to Instagram. They will bring their many followers too. Imagine the growth in users. Practically, this is what Instagram wants.

Another new feature is the possibility to add as many pieces of text on your photo or video as you like. Finally, an iOS-only new option is the ability to save the Stories from the last 24 hours, all into one single video. To be honest, there is no innovation here, and if you used Snapchat even a little before, all these so-called “new” features will seem years-old to you.

The race to be better

Instagram is trying to catch up to its main rival, Snapchat. In consequence, the team decided to introduce everything Snapchat already has and make it even better. Their main hope is probably to “steal” its users in order to grow their own base. Those new Stickers are fun and quirky, but they would have been even more interesting had they been totally innovative.

As for Instagram ‘s answer to whether or not they will obtain revenue from sponsored stickers, the company decided not to comment in the matter. They also did not say anything about future artist-drawn location stickers like it is the case with Snapchat. Not even about the future possibility for users to submit their own designs for stickers.

However, what Instagram is yet to introduce are the famous and sometimes notorious face-masks. This is the last thing which is making Snapchat better than Instagram Stories for the moment. Still, if Instagram will find a way to introduce those too, or even something similar, we might soon witness the fall of an app which everybody fell in love with: Snapchat.

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