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A Look at Mark Zuckerberg ‘s Home AI and what it can do

Last January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that he was planning to build an AI destined for his home. According to him, this system would run in Facebook tools. Now, it seems like he has managed to build this system which can, among other things, control the lights or watch visitors. He reportedly spent around 150 hours on this amazing project.

Easier than expected

According to one if his Facebook posts, Zuckerberg found the task “easier than expected”. Apart from other things, the Facebook CEO needed to find a way to connect various devices which in a normal home do not have anything to do with one another. Like the Smart TV with the lightning system and so on and so forth. Once he managed to do this, the rest was very easy. According to him, it was like you were telling someone what to do next. Also, there was the issue of the context. For example, if not Mark but his wife would like the house to do something, the house would react in a specific way.


Your taste in music

Mark Zuckerberg managed to also make the AI system to do something else, which nobody has accomplished until now. The system, interestingly called Jarvis, inspired by Tony Stark’s personal assistant in the “Iron Man” movies, is able to recognize the owner’s musical taste. It would then select only specific music tracks to play at various times. Jarvis looks back at previously selected tracks according to the mood the owner want to have in his house. Zuckerberg made the system do the same thing for his wife, according to her specific musical taste.

However, maybe the most interesting feature Zuckerberg managed to install on the AI system is the ability to communicate with it via Facebook Messenger. He can tell Jarvis to do a certain thing only by texting it. The Facebook CEO said that this way he can give Jarvis commands without bothering his wife or anyone else in the house. Also, it is much easier and clearer.

A very smart home

Apart from these things, Jarvis can pen the front gates in case someone comes and even make toast. Also, Zuckerberg set his 2010 challenge to be learning Mandarin. In consequence, Jarvis often wakes their 1-year-old daughter Max with Mandarin lessons. The home system AI can also take care of their Hungarian sheepdog called Beast.

However, Zuckerberg admitted that sometimes, Jarvis does not quite get things right, or understand perfectly certain phrases. This is why he needed to make it also understand synonyms. Mostly to avoid getting his wife mad at him.

Zuckerberg, unlike the previous years, in 2016 chose two challenges. Apart from building Jarvis, he wanted to run 365 miles, so that he would not become sedentary. In 2015 for example, his challenge was to read a book every two weeks. However, when asked if his Jarvis system is ready to go to other people, he response was no. It is not perfect, it has flaws and he would reportedly hate for someone to buy an imperfect home system. Maybe it will happen in the future, but not now.

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