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You will need Internet Connection to play “ Super Mario Run “

In an interview, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that in order for you to be able to play the new “ Super Mario Run “, you will need an active Internet connection on your mobile device. According to him, they choose this alternative in order to stop piracy and to ensure the users’ security when playing the new mobile title.

Security above all

Miyamoto said that their game is extremely important for them. Also, the players are too. So, they came up with this initiative to only be able to play “ Super Mario Run “ only if you have your internet connection on. For them, security is the most crucial part of it all and by requiring active internet connection, they will avoid piracy. At first, he avoided using the term “piracy”. However, when asked if this is indeed why they are doing this, he admitted that it is true.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that the new game will not be launched on a Nintendo console. Instead, it will only come out for mobile devices. Miyamoto said that the game is going to be released in 150 countries. Naturally, internet connection is very different from one country to another. This also part of the reason for their strategy.

An offline mode?

Miyamoto also explained that they have thought about making the story mode of the game, called World Tour, work offline too. However, this would have been too difficult as the other two modes of the game, Toad Rally and Mushroom Kingdom require mobile data. If you choose to play Toad Rally, you can duel the so called “ghost” versions of other players. This way, you can finish the course the quickest. In Mushroom Kingdom mode, you can both make and share with the others your courses.

Modern, but reminiscent of the classic

Still, it seems like “ Super Mario Run “ might be Nintendo’s best bet to extend to mobile platforms too. After all, who does not know and love the little Italian plumber, with his moustache and red and blue outfit? As Miyamoto said, Mario has a very long history and with time, this game needs to evolve too. At first it was all extremely simple. Just run, jump, collect coins and mushrooms, save the princess. Who, most probably, was in another castle. Of course, there were some other Mario games over the years which changed the premise a little and wanted to take the game in another direction. However, with “ Super Mario Run “, that very first idea comes back. Modernized, but the essence is still there.

All in all, the fact that the new game will require Internet connection to play might bother some fans. Usually, people are playing these kinds of games while travelling, by subway or plane. Still, Mario is so very popular that this should not be a very big problem. “ Super Mario Run “ will come out on mobile devices on December 15 and will most likely re-awaken some fans’ passion for running after coins and mushrooms.

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