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The iPhone ’s sudden Shutdown Problem is Bigger than initially thought

iPhone 6 and 6S in rose goldOn Tuesday, Apple admitted that the iPhone 6S’ sudden shutdown problem might be more serious than they initially thought. They also said that the next iOS update is going to come with diagnostic tools, in order to find out more details about what might cause this unexpected malfunction.

Reason unknown

The Cupertino, California based mobile company has admitted that they have no idea why some of their iPhone 6S devices are turning off, even if they have battery left. In November they also confirmed the complaints of many customers. At first, Apple explained that people should not worry because this issue is only present in the devices manufactured in September and October last year. Because of this, they released a replacement battery for those customers. That part of the production year 2015 was likely to be the earliest one. Still, this issue should not have existed. They probably ran some tests before making the devices, so there is no excuse in saying that it was early.


Complaints from China

China Consumer Association has harshly criticized Apple for their issues with the 6 and 6S models of the iPhone. The CCA works closely with the Chinese government as a watchdog. Last week, they revisited the problem and accused Apple one more time of doing nothing to solve the problem and to protect their users. Moreover, they have announced Apple that other iPhone models are displaying the same issue and asked for more details on the matter. More precisely, they meant the 6 Plus and 6S Plus models.

Battery problem

In Tuesday’s announcement, Apple said that a part of the battery is at fault for the sudden shutdowns. According to them, that little part came in contact with ambient air longer than advised. Only after, they assembled them into batteries. As a consequence, the iPhones were shutting down by themselves. However, Apple admitted that the company has received numerous complaints from customers whose phones were not manufactured during that time period. Their phones were still shutting down.

This is the reason that they are introducing diagnostic tools in next week’s iOS update. The company needs to gather more information before placing their finger on the exact cause of this issue. Also, they want to make sure that this is not a normal measure that the phone is taking in order to protect its components. Users know that iPhones usually shut down when they meet low temperatures, especially in the winter.

All in all, it seems like Apple is also confronting with issues. This happens after Samsung was hit by the exploding phones problem. The South Korean giant needed to stop the production of their Galaxy Note 7 phones. They also conducted a recall which left a big hole in the company’s budget. The sudden shutdown problem is not as severe as Samsung’s, especially because is it not injuring users and putting them in hospital. Still, this does not mean that Apple should not solve it. Especially because many people have said that the iPhone 6 and 6S are actually better than Apple’s latest iPhone 7 model.

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