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” Final Fantasy XV ” is finally here. Was it worth the wait?

Square Enix first announced ” Final Fantasy XV ” ten years ago. At that time, its name was “ Final Fantasy Versus XIII “ and it was going to be a spinoff of “ Final Fantasy XIII “. However, ten years is a long time and while the game kept being postponed, various aspects of it drastically changed. The platform, the scale, the very idea behind it. Even a big part of the developing team changed. Still, the game managed to be finished somehow and it has only just been released. So, there is one big question in everybody’s mind: was it worth the wait?

Ten years later…

The game’s tagline says that this is a game for both fans and newcomers. And they are right. The game still keeps that Final Fantasy feeling while it introduces some new aspects. Also, it brings back a sort of show which more than a decade ago defined this series of games.


The game’s main protagonist is a young prince by the name of Noctis. In the beginning, his father, the king, sends him in a journey to meet up with his wife to be, as part of a political marriage. This alliance is supposed to bring peace between Noctis’ kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire. Three friends are accompanying him in this journey and they are not only useful in battle, but also the heart and soul of the game. They all have different personalities, different ways of speaking and are very interesting individuals.

The fights and the story

Final Fantasy XV uses a real-time combat system. The game managed to find a balance between the classic turn-based combat style and the more modern, action-oriented one. The only problem with the combat might be the camera which, if you find yourself fighting in a smaller space, goes more or less crazy. The player cannot control any other character except for Noctis but it is enough, as he manages to change through around six weapon types.

As for the story, the first half of the game lets you, as player, choose the pace. It lets you get used to it, explore, it is non-linear and feels natural. The situation changes in the second half of the game, as the pace rapidly becomes quicker, many character arcs feel rushed and there is a feeling of “get that done as quickly as you can, we need to finish this!”. It is all a little bit unpolished and one might suspect that the initial plan with the second half was different. It is extremely weird to say that such a long game (over 60 hours) needed more time to resolve everything, but this is the vibe it gives.

Already a patch

According to Square Enix director Hajime Tabata, they are going to soon release a new patch for the game. These updates will add more story cutscenes, more powers to Noctis and fix bugs. This surely makes one wonder why buy a newly released game immediately when you better wait and get something better. They might have done this in order to offer answers to many fans who have complained that the game has major plot holes.

All in all, Final Fantasy XV is emotional, looks good and offers an ending which will most probably please the fans. It was worth the wait, but this does not mean that it is perfect. Not at all.

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