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Why are Trump Supporters so against Tesla Motors?

The supporters of Donald Trump seem to be changing foes with the weather. With Hillary Clinton out of the picture, they must now find another poor soul to spit poison on. Well, it looks like they found one in the form of Elon Musk and his company, Tesla Motors. This scandal started from many parts, but the most important ones are the Trump supporters and insiders and the fossil fuel industry. So, from websites to actual people, a large number of individuals want Tesla dead and gone. Musk too, apparently.

Some people are really passionate

So how do you hurt someone who has done absolutely nothing to you, yet, you want them gone? The simplest method would be to invent outrageous news and post them on many websites. For example, this one site which has a very inspirational name “Stop Elon From Failing Again”, has destroying Tesla Motors as its main focus. And it is not the only one. It seems like not only Elon Musk is targeted, but all his other businesses including SpaceX. According to an article, conservative group “Citizens for the Republic” is one of the main sources of hate towards Musk.


However, there are two types of people in this world. Those who create fake-news reports and post them online then disappear into a faceless blur, and those who brag about it. Keith Leech (seriously?) is part of the second category. He is describing himself as “obsessed”. Obsessed with what? Not entirely clear, but we might have an idea. Anyway, Leech has been collecting photos of crashed Tesla vehicles for over a year. Talk about having too much free time! However, he did not stop here. He went to the “Tesla Bears Club” website and compiled the many (some say even over 100) complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to him, those photos are the real evidence of Tesla’s unsafe suspension systems. The website “Daily Kanban” then published his complaints (why? Just, why?) and it all became a huge scandal and generated a lot of internet buzz.

The Trump connection

So what is the Trump connection in this? His election as president of the United States might have been the biggest trigger for these Tesla-Musk-hating people. It is not a coincidence that these complaints started rolling out exactly after the won the election.

And right when we thought that the fake-news mess was starting to fade out. In exchange, it seems like it grows with each passing day and it will continue to grow. Something must be done now, while there are not too many, because sooner than we might think, those fake reports might spiral out of control. What happens then? Misinformation of the masses, confusion and unknowingness. They would all lead to wrong decisions and poor judgements. Look at what is happening now! People are making wrong decisions without being influenced by fake news. Imagine what will happen when they will read such reports. The worst thing is that in this digital era, the hardest thing to do is to differentiate fact from fiction. What is good from what is bad. So what are we supposed to believe? And maybe more importantly, who?

As for Elon Musk himself, it is a good thing that he does not seem to care too much about what is being said about him. He has far more important thing to do than deal with every troll on the internet. Good for you Elon!

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