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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon: what you need to know

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are out now. While veterans might know what they are all about, newbies should know that those are essentially two parts of a game. And they are coming out at maybe the best time possible. It is true that Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was a few months ago, but fans of the monsters will still want to own everything related to this amazing world.

A Nintendo exclusive

The two games are Nintendo 3DS exclusive and are expected to be the two best-selling games of the Pokemon franchise. Talk about good timing! Also, players need to know that they are not at all like their predecessor Pokemon GO. First of all, you will not need to physically go outside to catch pokemons. You will take control of a child in his search to catch, train and battle pokemons in the fictional region of Alola (which is heavily inspired by Hawaii). So the player will have to battle different other monsters in turn-based combat.


Also, remember that old Game Boy game called Pokemon Red and Blue? This is somewhat similar in the sense that it pretty much plays the same. But it is very different in what regards the monsters, the day to night cycle and a very complex item system, among many other changes. So if you played that one, you might recognize this one too. If you did not, don’t worry. The game appeals to new players too. It actually does a very good job at it.

Pokemon Sun versus Pokemon Moon

Firstly, there will be a twelve-hour difference between those who play Moon and those who play Sun. This is due to the fact that you will be playing in real time, in accordance to your Nintendo 3DS clock.

Another difference between the two titles will be their mascots. For Sun, it will be steel type legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and for Moon, the ghost type Pokemon Lunala. Also, a new pokemon species will be introduced by the two games. The Alola forms. This form is actually a pre-existent pokemon creature which has adapted to the environment by altering its form and type. Moreover, a new dog-like pokemon will appear in those two new games, called Rockruff. Rockruff can evolve into two different forms, depending if you are playing Pokemon Sun or Moon.

Almost the same game

Apart from these pretty minor differences, the two games are the same. So if you do not know which one to buy, just close your eyes and choose one. It will be equally rewarding.

If you are wondering if the games are going to be playable on phones, the answer is no. Even if Nintendo is trying to adapt and develop games for mobile devices, Pokemon Sun and Moon will only be available for Nintendo 3DS. Another possibility might be the Nintendo Switch, which is supposed to be released next year. It is possible that the developers will make it available for that one too, in order to grow its popularity.

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